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Ongoing Support

Whether its deciphering a bill or reprogramming a phone for a new employee, our Support team has the answer or will get it for you.  For many customers, many of these types or problems or questions occur irregularly, making it difficult to stay up-to-date and manage.  ChaseTek maintains and is constantly updating a library of supplier information and is a trusted resource for our clients’ questions.

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Our team provides help desk support, including the advanced troubleshooting of service issues with site-contacts, suppliers and technology partners to identify the problem and coordinate resolution for our clients.  Our constant interaction with supplier solutions makes us familiar with most service-affecting issues, and allows us to quickly identify and focus on the core problem.  Our team will open the appropriate ticket(s) with suppliers and manage and document the communication between parties required to achieve resolution.

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Our support group provides a single point of contact for all client locations when a service issue is detected.  After triaging with the client, our team will open a ticket(s) with the appropriate parties and manage the issue resolution through completion.  Our detailed record keeping also helps to provide resources for identifying chronic issues and identifying SLA credits.

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Maintaining an accurate inventory of our clients’ installed infrastructure is critical to providing a high level of support.  In addition, as a point of contact for all adds, moves and changes, our database becomes a living, accurate record of installed inventory, making the identification of details easy:  Phone numbers, IP address information, contract end-dates.

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As traditional voice and data services converge with traditional IT solutions, the process of identifying the true nature of the problem has become more complicated.  What may appear to an end-user to be an issue with network connectivity is often more complex and isolated to specific applications or devices, such as POS systems, or firewalls, to name a couple.  Our Support Group is highly experienced and trained in managing this process, and will work with users, supplier and vendor partners to

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