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The primary mission of our engagement is to help design, procure, implement and manage a technology infrastructure in a transparent manner. We strive to create value in maintaining the viability of the solution over time by providing a human element to the maintenance and management of the solution’s details.





Chris Wolfe


Michael Marlowe

 VP New Markets

Andy Bussard

Manager, Client Relationships

Jeff Febus

Manager, Client Specialist

Scott Russell

Manager, Client Relationships

Jayma Bammerlin

Manager, Client Relationships

Erica Crain

 VP of Operations

Morgan Dodley

Client Support Specialist

Ruth Price

Client Support Specialist

Christy Harris

Client Support Specialist

Dave Caldwell

Client Support Specialist



Contact Support







For more information pertaining our support services please visit the ChaseTek Support page



Vince Fratini

Client Advisor- Philadelphia, PA

Paul Myer

Client Advisor- St. Louis, MO

Steve Fox

Client Advisor- Akron, OH