newsChaseTek Selects Crystal Digital as Specialty Data Partner - ChaseTek

May 3, 2017by ChaseTek

ChaseTek is excited to announce its new strategic partnership with Crystal Digital to provide specialty data services to its clients. The partnership will allow ChaseTek to broaden its capabilities when building advanced solutions for its over 1,900 clients. In addition to augmenting ChaseTek’s current capabilities, the partnership will help to deliver Video Surveillance and Access Control solutions to clients who benefit from the support of ChaseTek’s infrastructure management and help desk support products for other areas of their technology strategies.

“We are always looking for strategic partnerships that can help us add value to client solutions,” says Chris Wolfe, ChaseTek’s President. “In this case, the value of integrating Video Surveillance and Access Control into the portfolio of products that we currently support for our clients makes perfect sense.” He further points out that a typical support event likely involves ancillary devices and technologies, so the tighter the capability to take the support role deeper should enable a better and more timely resolution for the client.

“ChaseTek is uniquely trusted in the technology infrastructure space.” Brad McMillen, CEO Crystal Digital. “We’ve not done something like this in the past, and it needed to be the perfect partner for us. We couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

About Chasetek: ChaseTek is a technology infrastructure specialist that designs, procures, implements and manages technology infrastructure for its clients in a transparent manner. For over 13 years Chasetek has been providing market-leading solutions in the telecommunication, technology infrastructure and energy space to over 1,900 clients covering roughly 9,000 physical sites.

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